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Coca Cola

  • Client
  • Coca Cola
  • Category
  • Branding, illustration
  • Year
  • 2014

Collaboration with graphic designer Boaz Stroobach for the design of various patches on bomber jackets worn by the staff at national festivals. There were six different variations that would end up in different areas of the jacket.

The most important thing was that it remained very simple, while maintaining the colors of Coca-Cola. because the patches are embroidered pretty small, details could be lost. To avoid this we used only the most eye-catching features of the illustrations shown on the badges.

Coca Cola close up
Coca Cola back jacket


These six different variations where chosen out of a range of twelve options.

Coca Cola patch 1
Coca Cola patch 2
Coca Cola patch 3
Coca Cola patch 4
Coca Cola patch 5
Coca Cola patch 6
Coca Cola close up top
Coca Cola close up zipper
Coca Cola full jacket