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Favela Street Girls

  • Client
  • Favela Street Girls
  • Category
  • Branding, Flyer design
  • Year
  • 2013

Favela Street girls is an organisation which creates a new generation of strong role models in marginalized communities around the world, with the power of street football. They offer young people a program to become an independent manager within their own community, to learn how they can organize street football activities in their own neighborhood, while learning to work on their personal development by practicing different life skills.

The logo had to be clear and focused. I made a combination of the shape of a football and the top view of a footballsquare in a notorious Brazilian Favella. The colors are derived from an art project called 'Favela painting'.

Favela Street Girls Logo
Favela Street Girls Affiche
Favela Street Girls Shirt
Favela Street Girls Patta shirt

Club Night

The flyer/poster was needed for a benefit night at Club Air in Amsterdam in collaboration with advertising agency Kwartvoorhalf and football club Ajax Amsterdam. This video teaser was made for the benefit club night.

Favela StreetGirls impression
Favela Street Girls impression