The culture
of today


  • Client
  • Parra
  • Category
  • Re-branding, Web design, UI/UX
  • Year
  • 2018 is the largest independent online Hiphop, Entertainment and Lifestyle magazine that focuses entirely on the culture of today.

They asked me to re-brand the whole brand-identity to a more modern and cleaner feel that suits the target audience more. The audience is most of the time very active on mobile screens. So it was important to take the mobile user experience to another level. The programming of the whole project was done by someone else in their network.

Parra app icon


the logo had to be powerful and written out in full. Also an iconic element had to be attached to it. the logo represents the speed of the net and the swift way parra brings the news, always updated. the red square in the p must be seen as a notification button because they consistently deliver the latest news. In this form, the P can easily be used as a stand-alone icon / logo.

Parra Iphone logo
Parra mobile pages


This website is responsive, it had to be used on all mobile devices / screens. For each device there is a different design delivered to optimize the experience and consistency.

Ipad display
Nachtspelen banner